Room Additions

room addition
room addition

Our Room Additions Will Perfect Your Home

Room additions help revamp or expand homes. They also add value to the house by adding additional space and extra squares footage to your existing home. 

*Room additions are also more affordable than moving.

  • Master Bedroom
  • Children’s Bedroom
  • In-Law Apartment
  • Second Story Room Additions
  • Entertainment Rooms
  • Sunrooms/Patios
  • Family Room
  • Garage Apartments

Homeowners love room additions because adding more space or square footage will greatly improve the value to your existing home.

Did you know that adding a room addition to your existing home requires architectural drawings that must be approved by the city or county where your property resides?

In a room Addition, homeowners must see where they can extend and add space. Typically, the space is found in the backyard, the side of the house or building up by adding a second story to the first story.

Room Additions require an architect who will check your existing home for the correct way to add an addition. Room Additions also require a surveyor to mark and check your property lines. All inspections will be done by the city or county inspectors.

A room addition typically takes around 6 month to build, but there are exceptions to the time frame as each job is different. 

Gorilla Corp. is a full-service Construction Company. We have in-house architects to handle all those needs.

The survey will be done from outside sources.

Every home is different. Whether you’re adding a room to your house to increase space, improve functionality, or upgrade the value of your home, Gorilla Corp will help you achieve that goal from conception to the final walk through.

Room Addition

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