New Home Construction

New Home Construction

New Home Construction

Starting from nothing and creating something is a lot of fun.

When taking a piece of land and building your dream home or your first home, it is very important to get things in order before the construction commences.

  • New construction needs a full set of  architectural drawings and a survey.
  • The drawing need to approve by the city’s or county building department.
  • Building Department will check the architectural drawing for-approval and if approve, their stamp will be on the drawing.

It is important to have a great line of commutation between the architects, general contractor, and homeowner in order to have a successful New Construction Home Build.

A home is the biggest asset that you will have. Make sure the General Contracting company that you hire is owned by someone that you trust. This will one of the biggest comments you will ever make. 

New construction can take about one year to build from start to finish.

Gorilla Corp works with homeowners throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County.